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6 Online Dating Tips For a Great Profile

Your online dating profile is the first impression you’ll make on a woman. If it’s good, then she’ll probably want to talk to you. On the other hand, if your profile contains “deal breakers”, then you’ll have little chance of meeting her.

When it comes to online dating, you should ALWAYS remember an important fact. Women look at profiles in a different way then we do. While we look for attractive and interesting women, THEY look for specific things that’ll disqualify a guy.

So sometimes an online dating profile is more about what NOT to include. In other words, you have to take a CLOSE look at what you’re putting in your profile.

That’s why in this post I’m going to cover six ways you can dramatically improve your online dating profile!

1 – Showcase Quality Pictures

Women are like guys in one major area. When they’re looking at a profile, the first area they’ll check out will be your pictures. So if you want to improve your success at online dating, I recommend you initially focus on this section.

The one thing I want to emphasize is you should spend a little money on the pictures included in your profile. In other words, you should get PROFESSIONAL shots taken and use them as your primary photos.

Think of it as an investment. For the price of a few hundred dollars, you’ll have photographs that’ll bring out the best in you!

Besides your primary photos, you should also include other images that show you doing exciting things. Women want to be with an interesting guy, so you should include pictures that showcase you doing adventurous stuff!

Finally, it also helps to include pictures of you with your friends AND other women. If done in a subtle way, you can show that you have a social life and you’re pres-selected by women.

2- Use Proper English

I’m going to be honest here, most GUYS suck at writing their online dating profile. Primarily, they use slang, make spelling mistakes and include tons of grammatical errors.

While I don’t profess to be an authority on writing, I DO have a profile which is mistake free. Plus I make sure that it’s written in PROPER English.

Remember that women look for reasons to DISQUALIFY men. So don’t be a moron. Look over your profile AND make sure it’s mistake free.

3- Write in a Positive Tone

You’re online dating profile is NOT the time for confession. I’m going to restate the obvious…women WANT to disqualify you. By providing a list of faults, you’ll only give her a reason to instantly click away from your profile.

For instance, here are some things you should NOT include on your profile:

• Self deprecating humor
• A discussion of failed relationships and/or divorces
• Any hatred or animosity towards women
• Insecure or needy comments
• Rants about unimportant topics

The goal of your profile is to appear like a guy who is cool and free from baggage. Basically you want her to think that you’re interesting enough to email.

4- Be Adventurous

Most women who use online dating are looking for a little more commitment in their lives. But they also STILL want a bit of adventure and excitement. The truth is ALL women want a guy who can be both fun and interesting.

Keep this fact in mind when you’re writing your profile. Rather then discussing boring topics, you should focus on acting like an exciting guy that’ll pique her curiosity.

For instance, instead of talking about your educational background, you should discuss the interesting things you’ve done with your life. (If you haven’t done anything, then talk about goals you want to accomplish!)

Furthermore, the WAY you write can have a positive effect on women. Focus on writing about yourself in a fun and descriptive manner. Use emotional descriptions rather then bland statements.

5- Be a Little Mysterious

While it’s important to accurately describe yourself, you don’t want to be TOO forthcoming about your entire life. Your online profile is NOT the place to list everything you’ve ever done.

Instead of trying to cover every potential question, you want to leave some blanks in your life. These “question marks” will provide great topics of conversation over email, on the phone and in person. Remember that a bit of mystery can be a good thing!

6- Be challenging

One mistake guys make is to appear desperate enough to date ANY women. Making a statement like this can be huge mistake. By telling women that you don’t care WHO you date, you’re only demonstrating a lack of standards in your life.

Instead of being open to dating any girl, you should be a little challenging with who you “accept”. For instance, you can list the PERSONALITY types that interest you. Or you could discuss some hobbies you hope to find in a girl.

Women WANT to be with guys who have standards. If they know they’re selected over OTHER girls, then they’ll value what you have to offer.

Just remember that online dating only gives you ONE shot at making a first impression. If your profile stinks, then she’ll quickly move on to the next guy.

So if you want to improve your chances, then I recommend you implement the six elements I discussed in this article and create a profile that’ll instantly attract the attention of EVERY woman! login
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