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Meet More Women By Being the Fun Guy

It’s happened to ALL us!

There are times when the process of meeting women can become tedious.

Since the art of attracting women requires a TON of effort, it can be both stressful and tiresome.

And sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth your time.

Often a night out can include:

• Spending money
• Having to project a confident and energetic persona at ALL times
• Approaching dozens of “sets” or groups of women
• Going out night after night
• Being rejected by women when you’re approach techniques aren’t working

As you can see, there is LOT involved with trying to learn the subtle art of the PUA. So it’s only human if you sometimes forget the MAIN reason that you’re on this path.

But there is something you must always keep in mind…

If you’re not having FUN during this whole process, then you’ll have LITTLE chance of success. The truth is what we feel inside is always shown on the outside. So if you’re not having fun when you’re meeting women, then you’ll project a bored looking demeanor.

And when this happens, you’ll KILL your chances of success.

What’s the answer? Well it’s simple. You must learn to enjoy the whole experience of meeting and attracting women. Have fun out there, EVEN if you fail.

Also, when you go out, it helps if you’re enjoying other things BESIDES trying to meet women. For instance, you can check out a new band, have fun with your buddies or simply talk to women because you want to meet a new person.

The more you enjoy yourself, the more you’ll project an aura of positive energy and confidence. Then trying to meet women won’t seem so tedious. login
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